20th FAI European Hot Air Balloon Championship 2017

Vito Rome was born 28.04.1985 in Ljubljana, where attended primary and secondary school. In 2004 he applied at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana and chose Electronics program. He successfully graduated with a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering a few years later. Since 2010 he runs his own little company which focuses in design and implementation of passive and active LAN and WAN networks.

He became Hot Air Balloon pilot as soon as he reached 18 years in the year 2003. He was involved in ballooning from his early ages and learned a lot from his father, also great hot air balloon enthusiast and hot air balloon pilot. While he on one hand became pilot very soon on the other hand he didn’t fly a lot. He never had any real sponsors and therefore performed only a few dozens of flights per year.

His gained his first ballooning competition experience as a co-pilot in his father’s team in national competitions. From the year 2007 he started to compete on his own in national, European and world championships more often. He participated or competed at more than 5 national and 5 European or world championships together. Since then he is one of the best Slovenian hot air balloon pilots, current European bronze medal holder (2015) and national gold medal holder (2016).

He is member of Balloon club Uranos. That was the first balloon club in Slovenia to obtain the EASA license for commercial operations.  He gained his commercial permission for balloon pilot license in the end of year 2014.


Flying with: S5-OCO, Kubiček Balloons, 2200m3, BB22 – N type.


400 hours flown as PIC.



  • 2007, FAI Debrecen, 8th place, 19 competitors
  • 2008, Worlds Hofkirchen, 83rd place, 98 competitors
  • 2009, Europans Brissac-Quince, 48th place, 83 competitors
  • 2009, FAI Debrecen, 2nd place, 25 competitors
  • 2010, Nationals, 2nd place, 8 competitors
  • 2010, Worlds Debrecen, 57th place, 118 competitors
  • 2011, Europeans Lleida, 13th place, 77 competitors
  • 2013, Nationals, 2nd place, 8 competitors
  • 2013, Europeans Wloclawek, 47th place, 81 competitors
  • 2015, Nationals, 2nd place, 8 competitors
  • 2015, Europeans Debrecen, 3rd place, 96 competitors
  • 2016, Nationals, 1st place, 7 competitors



Pays / Country : Slovenia

Nom / Name : Vito Rome

Nom du ballon / Balon Name : no_name

Couleur / Color : RED Rome