20th FAI European Hot Air Balloon Championship 2017

Giovanni Aimo  born in April 30, 1946 in Mondovì , Italy.

Hours logged so far: more than 9000.


Fixed wing, single engine licence in 1966.

Hot air balloon licence in  1980.

English language RT licence in 1972.

BBAC UK balloon licence  in 1984.

BBAC hot air airship licence in 1986.

BBAC  instructor rating  in 2001


Cameron Balloons dealer for Italy  since  1983.


Sport Curriculum of Giovanni Aimo:


The first FAI  competition has been the European Championship in Luxembourg ,in 1982  and the second  the World Championship in  Nantes ,1983. Since then he has partecipated to most f the European and World champioships for hot air balloons until 2010, to four gas balloon world championships  to the World Air Games 2001 , gas ,  and to the first  World Hot Air Airship Championship in Luxembourg 1988. He has taken part to all the italian hot air balloon championships , winning 6 times and scoring 2nd place 11 times.

He has partecipated to many National championships in Austria , France, Hungary etc.

In non FAI competiton has wan once the David Niven cup and once the Michel Arnould cup for long  distance flight from Chateau d’Oex.


World Championships:

Hot air:  1983-1987-1989-1991-1993-1997-1999-2002-2004-2008-2010-2015

Gas, 1988-1990-1992, 2004,World Air Games 2001

Hot air airship, 1988


European Championships:

1982-1984-1986-1988-1990-1992-1996-2000-2005-2009- 2011-2013-2015


As an organizer, he has organized many times the italian champonship and for 24 years the International balloon meeting in Mondovì in January.

He has organized the WAG2009  HAB test event in 2008 and the hot air balloons competition for the WAG 2009 in Mondovì.


As a balloon instructor he has trained more than 250 student pilots .


Pays / Country : Italy

Nom / Name : Giovanni Aimo

Nom du ballon / Balon Name : none

Couleur / Color : All lime, purple equator Aimo